Imagine Your Rise, Sister…

When your dreams are supported, your voice is fully heard and you are welcomed with open arms into a circle of women who truly have your back.

Rise Up Sisterhood is the healing you’ve been searching for, the female friendships you’ve been longing for and the life-changing connection you can only find inside a sisterhood circle.

In the past I never had many solid relationships with women. I feel like when I was growing up I was betrayed by many. I tried so hard to make friends and keep them, even if that meant compromising myself and my feelings, but I always felt like I was one step behind.

When I think about all those times, I know it was because as young girls we were all trying to find our place and identity. It wasn’t anything against me. Now I am making amazing connections and building relationships with women and it’s something I’ve wanted for so long. To feel like I don’t need to try so hard or fit in, that I’m loved and respected for who I am. It’s a feeling I’m just getting used to, but I’m loving every minute of it. I made the commitment this year to make deeper meaningful relationships, and that includes with myself.

There’s something so satisfying about peeling off the layers that have masked and shadowed for so damn long. I am so grateful for my circle, my new friendships and the means to express myself.

Rosie J.

You Deserve to Have Other Women in Your Corner.

Loneliness is an epidemic and finding the right level of support for life’s challenges can feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve spent your life struggling to trust other women. 

Were you more comfortable being just “one of the boys”? 

Did you assume women were competitive, judgemental and hard to relate to? 

Breathe that out, Sister. 

Your search for connection ends here.

Relying on yourself and trusting other women can happen simultaneously. This is what you’ll find when you join a Sisterhood Circle.

In fact, it’s where the magic happens.


What Happens Inside a Sisterhood Circle?

  • Have Compassionate Conversations with Other Women
  • Let Your Guard Down
  • Share Your Deepest Truths
  • Receive Council, Guidance and Advice
  • Build a Personal Action Plan
  • Awaken Your Passion
  • Find Your Voice
  • Connect to Your Higher Self
  • Safely Ask for Help
  • Learn to Meditate

Create Deep, Female Friendships Unlike Any You’ve Had Before.

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Our Promise To You

Rise Up Sisterhood is committed to being your safe, sacred space to foster connection: to self, spirit and your circle.

You will find your voice. Sister, you are a force and you deserve to be heard.

Come as you are, and you will be accepted no matter what. Your feelings and experiences are valid.

We are committed to showing up in our own vulnerability. You can feel safe to let your walls down.

Know that even when you soften, you are still so incredibly strong. And when you know this you will find the confidence to live free, feeling fully surrounded by love, support and connection.

Find the freedom to explore what spirituality means to you, reclaim who you are at the Soul Level, awaken your passion & feel safe to RISE UP and live your most fulfilling, purposeful, soul-fueled life. 

Is a Sisterhood Circle What You’ve Been Missing?

Welcome home, Sis!

I know it’s lonely out there, wading through your own healing, past trauma and pain, struggling to create the kinds of trusting female friendships that will help you meet your goals both personally and professionally.

This was my story, too.

I know firsthand how disconnection can make women feel paralyzed with fear. It stops us from trusting the intuition needed to truly meet our goals.

When trust is an issue, we jump from relationship to relationship, plan to plan, repeating negative patterns and masking the root cause of our discontent.

We want to feel a deeper connection to spirit, to find the guidance of our higher self, but everything “spiritual” has always felt so ungrounded, and the fear that we won’t fit in with the spiritual community because of our need for tangible action leaves us (once again) feeling lonely and misunderstood.

This is what the Rise Up Sisterhood Circle is all about. It’s about honesty, friendship, spirituality and rising together. It is the bridge back to each other and to ourselves – the pathway back to life.

We are always stronger together.

At a time when I was feeling lonely and sad over the loss of female friendships, I came across The Sisterhood Circle. I knew it was about women supporting women but after one circle I discovered it was so much more than that. It’s a place where you can feel safe to express your deepest fears and your happiest moments, where you feel like you are healing and you are helping others to heal.

There’s no judgement or jealousy but instead there’s a lot of support and comfort from women sharing their experiences and suggestions in the hopes that it will help you live your life more free and happy. I’ve met some beautiful souls who I know I’ll have some everlasting friendships with and I have The Sisterhood Circle to thank for that.

Lise B.

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You are worthy of experiencing connection.