It’s time to put yourself first.

Sister, when was the last time you TRULY made time for yourself? Whether it’s being run ragged with the kids, your job, household stuff, etc etc etc I’m sure you’re feeling drained as hell! Or, maybe things have felt less than blissful lately and you could use some deep diving self care. As women we’re born to nurture. That’s literally what we’re here for. So, put those skills to use on yourself, sweet sister! Join our impactful¬†21 Day Self Love Challenge.

Self love runs deeper than just a bubble bath or a spa day. Let’s take the time every. single. day to put ourselves first!

We deserve it.


When you join this 21 Day Self Love Challenge, you can look forward to receiving your self love prompt daily in your inbox every day for 21 days! There will be both woo and non-woo prompts each day.

You’ll also receive a daily Oracle Card to help you set your intention for the day.

What are you waiting for? Sign up below. I can’t wait to get started!