Imagine your life, a life where you have clarity & know what your true Divine Gifts are. Let’s release those negative patterns and what’s no longer serving you. You’re free to create your life of BLISS.

No Hustle. All Flow.

Sister, it’s time. Time to make put the most important person in your life first:

YOU! Registration is now CLOSED for this life changing course, but don’t worry! We’ll be launching again soon xoxo.

6 Weeks of Soul: Course Outline

Week 1: Honouring Yourself

Let’s create a foundation of self-care on a whole ‘notha level.

We’ll do this by:

  • Commitment to Self
  • How to lean on your Spiritual Crew
  • Tools of Divination
  • Benefits of a meditation practice
  • Attitude of Gratitude



Week 2: Honouring Your Joy

Finding what lights you up!

  • Exploring your Divine Gifts as uncovered by your Soul Realignment session
  • Discovering and reacquainting yourself with joy
  • Combine your Gifts and joys to create a vision for your life of bliss
  • Divine Vocations and directions to point



Week 3: Dream On, Dreamer

How can we tie it all together to create a life of bliss? 

  • Let’s design your Dream Day
  • Blissful Goal Setting! (This is a big one)
  • Check-in Time: How are things going so far?



Week 4: What’s Holding You Back?

It’s time for a deeper dive. This week, we’ll dig in.

  • Owning our Limiting Beliefs
  • Honour the Shadow Self
  • Identifying, acknowledging and releasing what’s no longer serving us



Week 5: Leaning In

Letting go to find our flow.

  • Leaning in
  • Building Confidence
  • Trusting what’s yet to come (The Universe has your back!)
  • Using Discernment (gut instinct vs bad choice!)



Week 6: Party Time!

Let’s finish this program with a bang!

  • Resistance Check!
  • 60 Minute Private Coaching Call
  • What still needs attention?
  • Celebrate!



I Can Receive This!

We start on May 9th! Here’s what you can look forward to receiving when you join me for 6 Weeks of Soul:

  • 90 Minute Soul Realignment Session
  • 60 Minute Private coaching call
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly downloadable meditation mp3
  • Weekly Pre-Recorded Video Lessons
  • Weekly Facebook Live Check-Ins
  • Printable PDF Course Booklet
  • Crystal and Oracle Card Deck just for you! Intuitively chosen for you by Jenn and mailed to you prior to start date.

Sounds pretty amazing, am I right? I can’t wait to share all this juicy magic with you and help you truly create the life of your dreams. You deserve it! Stay tuned for our next launch of this program, or please feel free to reach out and connect if you’d like to explore other options!