• Spend 4 Weeks Developing Your Spiritual Foundation

• Reconnect With Your Passions & Joys

• Develop Simple, Yet Powerful Self-Love Practices

• Heal Limiting Beliefs & Honour Your Shadow


All for only $197!

Sister, it’s time to take yourself seriously. When was the last time you put yourself first, and allowed yourself to explore your depths? You deserve everything you desire and more, so let’s build the foundation for your dream life!

Week 1: Develop Your Spiritual Practice

Create a daily ritual that will help you both connect with yourself and your Spirit Crew! Week 1 is the foundation of Awaken You.

Learn to work with Oracle Cards and Crystals to connect with your Guides, Angels and Higher Self!

Week 2: Passions and Joys

How would it feel to truly know what it takes to feel amazing in this life? This week is all about tuning back into what your truly deserve.

Learn how to re-establish your self-love practice, find your passions and remember what your joys are. 


Week 3: Limiting Beliefs & Your Shadow

What’s holding you back from living the life you deserve? Perhaps you’ve had experiences in your past that are causing you to feel you’re less than worth it.

Sister, during this week we’ll dig deep and begin your healing process.

Week 4: Dream a Little Dream

Finally, let’s tie it all together. Design your dream day, and allow yourself to feel completely supported while you create your life of bliss! 

You deserve everything you dream of, and more sister! There’s enough for all of us. Let’s do this together.


I can Receive This!

Awaken You Launches on Monday, February 3rd!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • 4 Weeks of Self-Paced Lessons
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Facebook Live Group Coaching (with replays up in the group indefinitely)
  • Weekly downloadable meditation mp3
  • Weekly Pre-Recorded Video Lessons
  • Printable PDF Course Booklet

Sounds pretty amazing, am I right? I can’t wait to share all this juicy magic with you and help you truly create the life of your dreams. You deserve it! Grab your spot and let’s do this, sister!