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Rise Up Sisterhood is your sacred space to foster connection: to self, spirit and your sisters. Find the freedom to explore what spirituality means to you, reclaim who you are at the Soul Level, awaken your passion & Feel safe to RISE UP and live your most fulfilling, purposeful, soul-fueled life.

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The Power of Sisterhood

Rise Up Sisterhood Summer Goddess session. Photo Cred Kristy Powers Photography Do you have friendships where you can be vulnerable, speak your truth and explore every inch of your soul completely free of judgment? Or, do you hold back in fear of being seen a way...

What’s Your Life Purpose?

What's Your Life Purpose?   That's only a slightly loaded question, am I right? This is something that comes up time and time again in my work, so I thought I'd write about it here in hopes of providing clarity, and maybe even a wee bit of relief for you in your...

Full Moon in Capricorn 2018

  Full Moon in Capricorn 2018   I just love a full moon, don't you? It's that time of month where our beautiful, Grandmother Moon imparts her wisdom on us. Something I do every single full moon is give all my crystals and card decks a moon bath. I do this by...

Summer Solstice Ritual

Summer Solstice Ritual I don't know about you, summer is my most absolute favourite time of year! And, this year, I was very fortunate to have my monthly Women's Circle coincide with this year's Summer Solstice. This was the perfect combo for a Summer Solstice Ritual....

New Moon in Gemini 2018

New Moon in Gemini   Hello, sweet sisters! I'm excited to start offering you simple, yet powerful rituals for each new moon and full moon. Each new moon is the beginning of a new cycle, so it's a perfect time to welcome in the new. Gemini is the sign of the...

How to Meditate

How To Meditate Hopefully, after reading my first post here, you know why meditating is so important, and you've caught the basics. Now let's spend some time on how to meditate. In this post, I'll outline my favourite types of meditation. Right now, I am doing...

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners   I am always excited to talk about meditation, and especially meditation for beginners because it has been an absolute life-changer for me. It took a long time for it to start to impact my life, which is totally normal. I feel like a lot...