How To Meditate

Hopefully, after reading my first post here, you know why meditating is so important, and you’ve caught the basics. Now let’s spend some time on how to meditate. In this post, I’ll outline my favourite types of meditation.

Right now, I am doing something called sadhana that my lovely friend Shae shared with me. It is a forty-day practice of doing the exact same meditation every day. This is beneficial because I can observe from an outside perspective, and see changes from day to day in my thoughts, or how my day was. It’s been lovely so far, and I am only on day seventeen.

Something I love about meditation is that there isn’t just one way to do it. Whatever areas in your life could need some attention and support, you can meditate for that. You could do a meditation to gain confidence, it could be a chakra alignment, or to find peace in the moment. Guided journey meditations are very peaceful. You start in a certain place, and they walk you through a very visual scenario. It is a good way to get all those thoughts out of your head.


Guided Meditation.

Ah, one of the BEST styles of meditation for beginners! If you’re confused on how to meditate and not sure where to start, Guided Meditations will be your jam. The Guided Meditation that I am doing right now is all about chakras. Guided meditation is a recording (or live person) that takes you through your meditation. This can be anywhere from five to ninety minutes long. This type of meditation is a good place to start, because it takes the pressure off. You don’t have to create this time for yourself. Just plunk yourself down with a great guided meditation and relax! If you are looking to find a guided meditation, there are a ton of apps.

My favourite right now is Insight Timer. Insight Timer is awesome, free, and has over 7000 meditations in it, of varying lengths and topics. There are scientific meditations, ones to help you connect with angels or your spirit guide, or to align your chakras. You can upgrade for $4 a month (no, I don’t make money from sharing this! I just love it), so you can download the meditations and not have to use wifi. I like to put my phone on airplane mode when I meditate, so I am not interrupted, or have all that electric energy flying around me.


Mantra Meditation.

Mantra Meditation is another type of meditation that is super easy to do and a great while learning how to meditate. This is verbal, and also a great meditation for beginners. You can do this silently to yourself, but I find that chanting the words out loud is wild. I get into a meditative state so much faster when I am doing an out-loud chanting meditation. I’ll be honest, I do this when I am at home alone. Otherwise, it becomes kind of strange if I have my daughter at the door asking me what I am saying, or my husband turns the TV up while I am like… OMMMM.

As mentioned above, your mantra can be “Om”, which is the universal sound – the sound of the Universe. You can also use affirmations. Say you are looking for confidence in your life. Your affirmation could be “I am confident”. You sit up straight, breathe in a deep belly breath, and on the exhale, you say your word(s). “I. Am. Confident.”

Timers can be helpful when doing a mantra meditation, but mala beads were literally made for this. Mala necklaces traditionally have 108 beads, so you say one mantra for each bead, moving from bead to bead as you go. It is beautiful, because the movement of one bead to another becomes ingrained in your subconscious.


Focus Meditation.

Focus Meditation is pretty cool to do. You can use some calming music, or sounds of nature to focus on. Some people like to use a candle flame to focus on. When learning how to meditate, this can be helpful if it feels overwhelming for you to close your eyes.

I like using chakras for my focus meditation. If are needing to feel supported and grounded, you would focus on your root chakra. In your meditation, you bring your energy down low to your tailbone area, picture the swirling colour of red, the colour of that chakra, and you sit there, visualizing that. You feel into that space. You are meant to observe, thank, and let your thoughts go. Then you go back to where your focus should be; a candle, a sound, your chakra…

I recently ran a free 7 day Guided Chakra Meditation series in the private group over on Facebook! Come join me in there and give it a shot!


Silent Meditation.

Another popular meditation is Silent Meditation. I feel like this is where you take the training wheels off. Your goal here is to connect. Connect with yourself, with your guides, and the Universe. Find yourself in a comfortable position, and find peace in the stillness of your silence. Get comfortable with the uncomfortableness . You eventually will be able to reach your meditation space even in spite of any distractions around you. Breathe. Stay focused on your thoughts and letting them go. The space between your thoughts is when the magic happens.


You will see benefits from even a five-minute meditation. You’ll see more benefits if you do a longer one, but if you only have five minutes, do five minutes! It’ll help you be a better mom, a better co-worker, better leader, a better teacher – better in whatever you do. If you can free yourself to be in the moment, it is so powerful.   I hope you have found some inspiration here, whether you have never meditated before, or are already practicing.

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