Curious about how you might find connection within an Online Sisterhood Circle? 

Our Online Sisterhood Circle runs for 12 weeks. You can expect to:

Meet weekly for 90 minutes in your small, sacred group

Spend time in introspection with soulful journaling prompts

Experience peaceful meditation and the gift of consciousness

Use your powerful wisdom to provide guidance to others

Honour your own cycles and learn how to work with Grandmother Moon

Realize the magic of being heard, supported and encouraged to shine

Deepen your spiritual connection and master tools of Divination (if you so choose!)

Receive deep, unconditional  love by women who see you for who you truly are

We Keep Our Online Sisterhood Circles Affordable so that EVERYONE, regardless of situation, can Receive the Connection They So Deserve.

For 12 weeks of Online Sisterhood, the investment is $97 CDN. We have 2 new circles launching every 6 weeks! You’ll never miss out.

Get cozy. Grab your favourite comfy clothes, brew a tea, and bring your journal. Snuggle up and join your sisters for your weekly soul-filling Online Sisterhood Circle.

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May 13th Wednesday Nights @ 7pm PST

A Brief History on circle

Women of all walks of life have come together in circle for thousands of years.

Some gathered under their Red Tent to bleed together, revered for the power they wielded to create life.

Others sat in circle to learn the wisdom of their ancestors and elders.

Women would come together to practice their religions, or to cast spells and create other beautiful rituals.

They would (and still do!) join as one to raise their children and tend to their communities.

Nowadays, you can see circles still happening all around you, as book clubs, knitting groups and girls’ nights out happen everywhere!

Now, let’s take it to a deeper level and explore the power that comes from unconditional support, guidance and love that comes from a women’s circle with Rise Up Sisterhood.

Over the last 2 years I have had the true honour of being a part of Jenn’s Rise Up Sisterhood women’s circles. A circle of women who can hold space for one another with love, honour and as well as embrace your tears as their own. Each month was different and truly exciting.

We set new intentions, planted seeds for new moon and full moon releasing. Read one another and even howled at the moon! Jenn drummed, sang and even danced. I am and will be for ever grateful for my experiences with Jenn’s circles. Thank you for bringing us together!

Stephany Brown

Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.