Soul Realignment Session




How would it feel if you could truly know what your Divine Gifts are, learn how to create a feeling of abundance in your life and find contentment regardless of your chosen path? Or how about knowing that the baggage you’re currently carrying around may not even be of this lifetime?

With a Soul Realignment, I am able to peek into your Akashic Records to learn just exactly what your Divine Gifts are, and who you are at your Soul’s first incarnation. We chat about your beautifully unique characteristics that can help you find a direction to point and put some purpose behind you. You will learn what your primary ‘Theme’ to your life is, and learn your special way to create the life you’re longing for.

I share with you how spiritually supported you are, as well as how connected to your Higher Self you may be at this time. After learning who you are at the Soul Level, we get to the nitty gritty. Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, we have patterns, vows, contracts and so many more factors from past lives (and also this lifetime) that are messing with our current life situations.

Once your patterns have been determined, I work alongside your guides and place the intention to clear what’s no longer serving you (then you do the rest!). You will receive 21 days of homework immediately following our session.

Once you clear your limiting patterns and begin your emotional healing in this lifetime, we have new life situations where we need guidance present themselves. This calls for coaching sessions down the line! Feel free to purchase 3 or 6 sessions in advance, to save some money and set yourself up for success.

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