Full Moon in Capricorn 2018


I just love a full moon, don’t you? It’s that time of month where our beautiful, Grandmother Moon imparts her wisdom on us.

Something I do every single full moon is give all my crystals and card decks a moon bath. I do this by placing them in my windowsill (unless I know for SURE it isn’t going to rain!) overnight and allow them to receive the cleansing that our Grandmother Moon so powerfully provides. Don’t worry if it’s cloudy. The tide still ebbs and flows even during a storm, right? You’ll still receive that energy.

And don’t worry if you’re a day early or a day late! The full moon is always powerful for a few days leading up to it, and a few days once she’s moved on. Oh, and BONUS POINTS if you get outside and howl! My 6 year old and I never skip the chance to have a good ol’ howl at the moon.

The Full Moon is the perfect time to release what’s no longer serving us. And, with this magical full moon in Capricorn, I feel that focusing on our stability and foundation is key. 

When I picture the Capricorn, I visualize one of those super rocky paths that winds its way around a mountainside, getting more and more narrow the higher you climb. Finally, the path is only a few pebbles wide, calling upon you to truly watch each step, ensuring you have solid footing. The Capricorn, or Mountain Goat, always has stable footing and holds balance, no matter how rocky or wild the climb.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, which further emphasizes our connection to the ground, to our Earth Mama. Where are your roots? What uncertainty can you let go of? Who’s rocking your foundation (and not in a good way?). Let’s let some shit go, shall we?



  • Smudging Tool of Choice (I always choose Palo Santo!)
  • This Printable or your journal & a pen
  • A candle
  • A metal bowl (safe for burning stuff inside of!)
  • A glass vase or mason jar with a lid
  • Distilled or filtered water
  • Your favourite Herbs, flowers, etc

Step 1

Begin the journaling prompts provided on This Printable. Why is your foundation strong? Who supports you? When do you feel the most supported?

Once complete, place your herbs and flowers into your mason jar, and gently pour your distilled water over top. Hold your glass up to the moon, and repeat what you wrote above. Anchor your beliefs into this moon water. 

Afterwards, fold up what you’ve written above, and place it underneath your vessel. Leave it to sit in the moonlight for the next 28 days. Any time you need support moving forward through this next cycle, simply hold your jar of charged moon water and remember. 


Step 2:

Complete the second page from your printable worksheet. Our belief systems are so ingrained from such a young age. Do you have something that deserves to be released? Something that no longer rings true for you? An ideology that perhaps no longer allow you to feel safe and secure? Write it allll down! Take your time and let it out! Then, write down WHY you’re free to let this belief system go! Let it gooooo!

Once you’ve finished this journaling prompt, sit with what you’ve written for a few moments. Allow it to sink in. Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re letting these beliefs go, loosely fold your paper up and set it on FIRE! Place your burning paper in your fireproof vessel and allow it to completely burn. *Note, please do this outdoors, and be safe. Keep it contained!

Allow the ashes to cool overnight. Then, first thing in the morning, head outdoors and BURY those ashes. Give those beliefs back to Earth Mama and allow her to carry them. They’re no longer yours.


I hope you enjoy this Full Moon in Capricorn ritual! You can use this same ritual for ANY full moon. Or, really any time you are ready to make a shift. Enjoy this magical energy, sweet sister. See you in the group!