Summer Solstice Ritual

I don’t know about you, summer is my most absolute favourite time of year! And, this year, I was very fortunate to have my monthly Women’s Circle coincide with this year’s Summer Solstice. This was the perfect combo for a Summer Solstice Ritual. It was really lovely to get together and create some magic with some of my beautifully aligned sisters.

And why, you ask, do we celebrate Summer Solstice? This is the beautiful time of year where our days are their longest. We welcome in the harvesting season, our season of abundance! We honour our fiery side, our feminine side. We honour and thank our Earth Mama for the beautiful abundance she provides for us! This celebration is always fun and full of life.

Because this evening was both a celebration and welcoming in of Summer Solstice AND our monthly Women’s Circle, I combined a few different activities to honour both. We meditated, journaled and made flower mandalas! Read on to hear more about each piece of our celebration.


The evening started off just as we do with each circle, with a meditation led by me. This month’s theme was all about connecting with our Earth Mama, so I guided the women through a visualization of roots extending from our root chakras into the earth, and spreading to provide deep support, love and connection to the Earth.

We visualized healing green, pink and white energy traveling up through the root system into our chakras, until filling us completely and cascading from our crown all the way back into the Earth. A beautiful cycle. Not only that, we also visualized our roots growing together and intertwining, providing each woman with the support and connection of her sisters in the room.

It was a powerful meditation! I will have this meditation (and more!) available soon for download, so stay tuned!

Journaling Practice

Once we were grounded and feeling peaceful, I led the women through a simple, but beautiful journaling practice. Working with the seasons, I invited them to reflect on the past few months. This has been our winter. What has the winter taught me? I had them journal here for about 5 minutes as they took the time to remember what they’ve been presented with. What have they learned? What lessons can they receive and integrate?

Here’s what I wrote: “I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. That I create magic when I take my time. That I foster amazing connections. That not everything has to be all at once! That setbacks aren’t setbacks. That I don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. That I’m DOING this thing!”

After completing the first prompt, I then asked them what they are going to welcome in this summer?

I’m welcoming in: “Patience. Confidence. Self-Love. Courage. Wisdom. OUTSOURCING. Peace. Forgiveness and acceptance of myself.”

This is the printable I created for circle. Download yours here!

Flower Mandalas

Once we completed our journaling prompts, we took this party outside! Now it was time to connect with our Divine Feminine and sink into some beautiful, creative magic. Creating a flower mandala is quite simple, really. Here’s what you’ll need to create yours:


• Choose a few different flowers that you’d like to work with. I chose reds, yellows and pinks to reflect the beautiful summer heat. Opt for something similar, or choose what resonates with you!

And that’s it! ….Unless you’re creating your mandala away from the space it’ll live. Otherwise, grab these items as well:


• White Poster Paper cut to the size of a dinner plate for your base.

• Quick setting craft glue to attach your flowers.

After you’ve gathered all of your supplies, the rest is quite simple! First, create a mantra that matches what you are welcoming in for summer. Mine was Patience. With each piece you add to your mandala, say your mantra (either internally or out loud – totally up to your comfort level). Start with your centre flower and work your way out from there, creating a pattern made of petals, leaves, stems and other beautiful pieces of your flowers. 

Once complete, place your mandala on your altar, or another sacred space that you can honour and acknowledge both your connection to yourself, your mantra and to our Earth Mama. Feel free to adorn it with crystals, seeds and anything else you’d like.

Eventually the petals will dry out, so when your intuition guides you to, you can bury the petals to return them back to the Earth.

These mandalas turned out so unique and beautiful, and it was such a creative, feminine way to honour our Earth and ourselves. 

I hope you enjoy doing this ritual! If you feel called to, please come and share your experience over in the Sisterhood.

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