What’s Your Life Purpose?


That’s only a slightly loaded question, am I right? This is something that comes up time and time again in my work, so I thought I’d write about it here in hopes of providing clarity, and maybe even a wee bit of relief for you in your life. This blog post might be a bit long, but it’s worth the read.

Many of us find ourselves in this cycle of searching and searching and searching for that ‘one‘ thing that we’re meant to do. Or, we feel that we’re here on Divine assignment and have some sort of mission to fulfill.

My question to you is, why do you need a purpose? Chances are deep down you desire feeling a certain way. And, it’s ok to be self-interested here! Perhaps you want to make an impact on society or really be an agent of change. The truth is, we want to feel like we matter and that our time here on earth is relevant. And it is! To us.

The issue here is that we often get stuck seeking our life’s purpose without ever truly arriving at our destination. This can lead us to feeling trapped, or like we’ll never arrive. We kick ourselves for wasting time doing things that don’t feel aligned. 

“The truth is, we want to feel like we matter and that our time here on earth is relevant. And it is! To us.”

My thoughts are this: We don’t have one purpose per say. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have purpose! We are just designed for so much more than that one thing. Are you still with me? I hope so! Let’s dive deeper.

Our souls incarnate here for one reason: to experience our Divinity in the third dimension. Here we are able to experience a range of emotions, and have this beautiful way of manifesting in each instant through our thoughts, feelings and actions. This sort of thing isn’t quite transferrable to the Akasha because there’s no linear time or space there! All consequences of all choices are available, regardless of which direction you CHOOSE to go. Choice is the main idea here.

And, literally just being incarnated here at this time fulfills our life’s purpose! For our soul to experience itself on the human plane. We are not here to learn a lesson. Or, repay karmic debts. Or, evolve or grow at the soul level! We are already everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. There is nothing that will add to our Divinity. There is nothing to change or fix.

That being said, I really align with my teachings that I’ve experienced via Soul Realignment, where it is said that we don’t come here to learn lessons, but we do choose to come here and experience a theme to our life.

Think about it this way: when you choose a movie, you often choose it based on how you want to feel! You want to get sappy, you watch a love story. Maybe you’d like to let yourself feel your adrenaline with an action or horror movie. You get the idea, right? So we choose our theme based on how we want to experience our Divinity during this go-around. 

Some may choose courage and find that they’re often in the space of choosing courage over fear as a theme in their life. Or, perhaps they want to experience connection. So they are often creating and ending deep relationships. These are not lessons, just how we CHOOSE to experience ourselves in this lifetime. 

“We are already everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. There is nothing that will add to our Divinity. There is nothing to change or fix.”

All we have is choice.

Now, don’t get it twisted. I know I’ve said that we don’t have a ‘Life Purpose,’ however our lives DO have purpose! We are literally here to experience our lives EXACTLY as we desire. Our purpose is to make that happen. Remember, we are here to experience our Divinity in the human form. And what makes us human? We have this gift of feeling a wide range of emotions. We also have this beautiful freedom of choice, which gives us the ability to choose ANY experience that we want! We have the ability to manifest any and every single outcome that we desire.

To add to this concept, I’ll invite you to open up to a piece of what I offer with Soul Realignment. When we incarnate for the very first time, our souls essentially have a Divine Blueprint. This gives us characteristics, or gifts, that we are inherently good at. When we align with these gifts, we begin to feel the abundance available to us and our ability to create the life of our dreams. We feel full. We experience life at the highest of vibrations: love and joy.

“We are literally here to experience our lives EXACTLY as we desire. Our purpose is to make that happen.”

What are your gifts? Do you know? I have a super simple way to figure your gifts out, and a more challenging but equally as amazing way. 

Super simple way:

Have a Soul Realignment from yours truly! With a Soul Realignment, I help you uncover your Divine gifts at the soul level (plus soooo much more!).

Less simple but equally as effective way:

Begin the journey of discovering your gifts. They might surprise you! You may be so far removed from them that you have a hell of a time recalling what the are. That being said, start from the beginning.

Think back to a time where you truly excelled at something. Or when something you did came VERY easily! Even if it wasn’t something you loved to do, still write it down. Break it down. What are all the moving parts of that task? Now, how can you take those things that you were really good at and move forward using those gifts in a new way? One that aligns with joy.

How can we look at our gifts and tie them into living life on purpose? To know what we’re Divinely AMAZING at is to know ourselves at the soul level. But, what are our passions? What brings us joy? Here’s another journaling exercise: remind yourself of EVERYTHING that brings you joy, passion, makes you excited and lights you up. Go ahead, do it now! 

Finally, take the time to then look at how you can combine your Divine gifts with the things that bring you joy and begin to set conscious goals. This is what your purpose is! Reaching these goals and experiencing the journey that goes along with that. And, the most beautiful thing is making choices that allow us to experience our Divinity, align with our gifts, feel love and joy, and know that no matter what the outcome is, you’re there. Living your purpose. Living ON purpose. (PS, we do this work in my upcoming Awaken You program, starting on September 10th!!! Learn more here).

Take me for example: My Divine gifts include creating community, helping people see their amazingness just as they are, using my voice to help bring about a shift, and getting wildly creative. I used to own a fitness company and spent 10 years exercising my gifts! Ultimately, this wasn’t the vehicle for me forever. It wasn’t my life’s purpose to run a fitness bootcamp. That being said, I am now in a different “vehicle,” aligned with my gifts, using my voice to bring about change in a big way for many women (because while it helps these women transform their lives, it also makes ME feel good). I have a thriving online community and am participating in things that fill me up.

Or, look at Oprah! Yes, I’m just like Oprah, didn’t you know (bahahahaha)? She has a powerful gift of fostering deep change for the people who follow her. Her ability to relay a message in a way that is understandable by the masses is beyond my comprehension. Her gifts are beautiful. And, she has changed vehicles so many times! Yet, there she is, living her Divinity. Aligning with her gifts, feeling full, amazing, shifting and changing what she’s doing to keep herself feeling joy and love. 

Align your “purpose” with setting goals for yourself, then make those goals your purpose! Voila. Don’t worry about having your one purpose in life. Allow yourself the joy of experiencing what being human is all about. Make choices that align with your Divinity, and course correct when you’re ready to make a change. Roll with the punches, go with the flow. Do what feels good and you’re golden, sister!

I’d love to connect with you further and help you truly see yourself for who you really are at the Soul Level. I do this through my comprehensive Soul Realignment sessions, where not only will you will learn what your Divine Gifts are; you will also learn about how spiritually supported you are, what your Soul Specializations are and how deeply you connect to your Higher Self.

You will also learn what negative karmic patternings from past and present life that are affecting you and no longer serving you, and we will clear that shit from your Akashic records so you can move forward and start your healing journey.

All Soul Realignment sessions purchased this summer will include enrolment into my beautiful Awaken You program, beginning on September 10th. This is a 4 week online self-paced program that will help you do the work outlined above, and so much more! 

Please, reach out here if you have any questions about this blog post, or if you’d like to see if a Soul Realignment (or one of my other offerings) would be a good fit for you! See you next time xoxoxo.