Spirit Guide Reading




Are you curious about who is on your Spiritual Team? As we age and gain more free will, our Highest Self “hires” Spirit Guides to help uphold our intentions. As an adult, I typically find that you will have anywhere from 4-7 Guides working with you at all times. We also hire Guides for special periods in our life.

Learn in depth who each of your Spirit Guides are and how they work within your team structure.

Because our Guides are souls just like us, only with a higher vibration rate, you’ll also learn what their own special Divine Gifts and Soul Specializations and receive channeled guidance tailored to just what you need in this moment. Discover how each guide connects with you, and you’ll learn who you can call in for extra support based on what their specialties are.

Enjoy a standalone session and enjoy building your connection to your Spirit Guides, and know that moving forward you may choose to receive ongoing coaching with your Guides at the helm. This is recommended monthly.

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Single Session, 3 Monthly Sessions, 6 Monthly Sessions